The Ultimate Collection

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The Ultimate Preset Collection is a complete mix of all 3 Lightroom preset packs which includes:

Travel Lightroom Presets
Drone Lightroom Presets
GoPro Lightroom Presets

Here you will find all 30 unique and original custom presets designed and used by Denys Black to bring your photos to the next level.

Please be reminded that all presets work differently on different images, depending on how they were shot (light, exposure, camera settings etc) you will need to first apply the preset and add further tweaks of your own until you’re happy with the look for that particular shot.

These presets are designed for Lightroom desktop version (OSX/Windows) and compatible with RAW and JPEG images.

For information on how to install the presets onto your computer, please refer to the step-by-step DOC guide which will be available in an email with the presets once purchased.